Lady Gaga Went Full Nonna By Feeding Pasta To Bradley Cooper’s Grumbly Tum

Dunno ’bout you guys but I’m so fkn keen for A Star Is Born that I’ll literally soak up any info regarding the film. What colour were the walls of Lady Gaga‘s dressing room? What phase was the moon in when the final scene was filmed? Does the janitor think punk is really dead?

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Any ASIB info will be eaten up by this little fanboi with a spoon, much like the pasta that was eaten up Bradley Cooper via his Italian co-star. Only presumably (and hopefully) not with a spoon.

On Conan, Cooper revealed that the singer won him over the Italian way: by forcing pasta down his throat.

“She said, ‘Are you hungry?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’” he shared, before joking, “I was burping and my stomach was growling.”

“We went to the kitchen and she said, ‘Look in my fridge’ and she had all this pasta that she had made the night before,” Cooper continued. “She heated it up and I was eating it with her. It was insane. She made me feel so comfortable.”

The actor and first-time director went on to regale the host with a story of their first duet together, singing folk song ‘Midnight Special’.

“The next thing I know after I’m eating pasta, we’re singing in her living room,” he said. “It was crazy and she said, ‘Has anyone ever heard you sing before?’ I said, ‘No’ and she said, ‘Well let’s record it.’ So I recorded it on my phone and that was actually one of the first things when I was trying to pitch this movie to Warner Brothers, I showed them that video.”

Speaking to PEOPLE, Cooper insisted that it was that sacred bowl of pasta that helped form a connection.

“We had it in the fridge and when he came over I was heating it up for him in a pan, and before I knew it was two Italian Americans from the East Coast eating spaghetti together,” he said.

As an homage, you can bet your bottom that I’ll be downing pasta prior to seeing the movie when it hits cinemas on October 18.