The Met Gala Is Back But Nothing Will Be More Of A Cultural Reset Than Lady Gaga’s Camp 4-In-1

2022’s Met Gala is nearly here which means it’s almost time for us peasants to watch celebrities parade around in beautiful, impressive and often chaotic fashion.

Each year the Met Gala sets a theme for the evening and the attendees dress accordingly. This year’s theme is In America: An Anthology Of Fashion and TBH, I don’t really know what that means. But I’m looking forward to some camp outfits!

And if anyone knows anything about camp outfits, it’s gotta be Lady Gaga. 

Her 2019 look for the now-infamous theme of camp was a Babushka doll of looks. She gave us four reveals down the red carpet. No one was doing it like her.

She took 16 full minutes to walk the red carpet and her team helped her peel off each layer to her look. 

At one point she held an ‘80s-style mobile phone to her ear. Next minute she was in her bra and undies, lying provocatively across the Met Gala steps. It was cinematic, hot and definitely camp AKA quintessentially Gaga. 

Why was camp such an infamous theme, you might ask? No one knows what camp actually means. Seriously. Try and explain it. It’s impossible. 

The ambiguous definition of camp led to some pretty wild thematic interpretations.

Karlie Klosslooking camp right in the eye’ before debuting a truly underwhelming dress. Katy Perry dressed as a hamburger. A million straight men in a million normal, definitely not-camp suits

But Gaga? Gaga never disappoints. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.