The internet is a strange place, there’s no denying it. Sometimes it gives us horrible, despicable things that shall remain unnamed. And sometimes, it gifts us beautiful meme-worthy content like lady drawers. Yes, lady drawers. Drawers for ladies.

I can’t tell you how and when the term “lady drawer” exactly came into existence, because I’m sure it’s been around forever in all its forms. But it’s doing the rounds on Twitter now because some bloke tweeted a picture of his ‘lady drawer’, and it went viral.

Said bloke, @DaddyAllDay, feels like “every guy needs a ‘lady drawer’ if you plan on having frequent guests.”

He provided a picture as an example, which housed a brush, two scrunchies, two (?) bottles of nail polish remover, tampons, makeup wipes, a bloody pregnancy test ‘cos you never know, and what some users have identified as a “used dildo”.

I mean, I once used a fork – an actual fork – to comb my hair when I was over at my boyfriend’s because he didn’t have a proper brush so I’m not mad at the brush. But upon reading the comments I, uh, I changed my mind… a little. Is the brush shared? Is the bloody dildo communal? Are we supposed to remove nail polish before / after sex? These are the questions that will plague me tonight.

Pictured: DaddyAllDay’s lady drawer.

In reply to the original tweet, DaddyAllDay wrote, “For the record, I’m not saying to go buy all this shit. You really just need makeup wipes, tampons, hair ties, and a hair brush. I just had all that laying round so I designated a drawer for it.”

As you can expect, it became a whole thing on Twitter and others started sharing… their own versions.


For the ARMY among you.

Oh, my God. 

And the pièce de résistance – are you ready for this?


That right there is what I want to come home to every night.

Happy Friday, my dudes.

Image: Twitter