If, before this evening, you’d have told me that a reality TV show could have attracted someone who is a total douchebag, I would have done my very best Rove impression and given you a solid “What the!”. But it’s true folks.

If you’ve been following the show, you’ve probably noticed that neither Sam nor Rhys is the most pleasant person alive – in fairness, who among us is the most pleasant person alive? Morgan Freeman, I bet.

This is all guesswork but Rhys strikes me as someone who was a huge nerd in high school but started going to the gym and suddenly became a bit of a cocky dick when he got that fantastic body. That beautiful, perfect body. Less guesswork here: Sam just seems like a dick.

Tonight these dicks went head-to-head (lol), after they were chosen for a ‘Thunderdome‘-style “two men enter, one man leaves” double date, and shit went exactly how you’d expect: dickishly.

The date involved an awkward champagne sitdown in a completely empty Luna Park, with the boys attempting to control their testosterone-fuelled rage while trying to subtly undermine each other, which only Rhys actually managed to do.

Asked by Georgia to say something about Sam that she didn’t know, Rhys tactfully chose to nonchalantly mention that Sam was planning to head back to America – something Georgia was complete unaware of.

Logistics-wise, this creates a pretty awkward situation, as it’s a bit hard to fall in love and start a life together etc etc if you’re roughly a million, billion kilometres away from each other. Did he handle it smoothly? He did not.

He pretty much gave the game up straight away, telling Georgia with minimal questioning that he went on the show to get his face out there in the media and jumpstart his acting and modelling career.

When Georgia graciously asked him to clarify his wording, assuming that he had just said it wrong, he said he wouldn’t be all that busted up about it if he left the show without Georgia. At this point she looks genuinely upset, very understandably on account of it turns out he’s just been a huge cock and wasted everyone’s time.

While it might have been a rough night for G, it’s a good night for us, because both of those dinguses are heading back home.

Good luck to Rhys with his international modelling career, I’m sure having this on his CV will help land great roles as an asshole or cockface.

Source and photo: Channel 10.