Netflix’s documentary series Cheer has dominated all of our lives for 2020 so far. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, you’re hearing about it anyway.

One of the break out stars from the series was La’Darius Marshall. He’s one of the most athletically gifted members of the Navarro squad, but was also one of the most polarising figures in the series, after he berates Allie Ross after she misses the mark during a stunt.

Still, his energy and passion have garnered him plenty of fans. We chatted to the Cheer star about injuries, inclusivity in cheer and what’s next.

PTV: Have you had a busy day?

LA’DARIUS MARSHALL : It’s been a busy day! I’m exhausted from cheerleading this week, but you gotta keep pushing.

PTV: So Australians don’t really have much in the way of cheerleading – there are some teams you can join, but nothing like the States. It seems really brutal on your body – what’s the worst injury you’ve sustained?

L: Once I severely jammed my fingers, one of the other cheerleaders wasn’t in the correct spot or doing what they were supposed to, and we collided upside-down. When we fell, he fell on his head, and I stepped on his head, then fell on my fingers. I got back up but I was having to hold my hand, it literally hurt so bad.

PTV: Oh my god, what happened to the other guy’s head?

L: I literally landed on his neck. But he was all good! He just got like a little headache.

PTV: Is it crazy how massive that scene of you cheering at a football game has become? Cos people are using it in memes now.

L It’s so amazing. I would’ve never thought I’d be a meme.

ATTN NETFLIX: ‘Cheer’ Star La’Darius Told Us He’s 100% Keen To Do A Reality Series W/ JerryPTV: Something that surprised me given Navarro is kind of in bible-belt Texas, was how inclusive the cheer team was. Have you always found cheer to be a welcoming space for queer teens?

L: Yes, I feel like it’s the most inclusive, and just a safe space for a lot of queer people. Cos you can just be free and be as fun as you want. I feel like it’s not just Navarro, it’s everywhere. I feel like cheer is more inclusive than just being out there in the streets, even.

PTV: What about when you cheer at football games?

L: Yeah, it’s totally fine. It’s fine, nobody every really messes with us.

PTV: Have you got any advice for any kids who do get bullied?

L: I think what I’d say is speak up, and speak out. Always speak out about injustice of what is going on in your life, or what is going on around you. Because you don’t deserve to go through that alone.

PTV: Have people reached out to you since the show? People who have been bullied for being gay?

L: I mean I was bullied but that was mainly by my brothers. No one from the outside world really did anything. But people have reached out, so many people have hit me up and told me how their story is similar to mine, and they can see now that there’s a light at the end, how I fought for just being here, just being a good cheerleader. And that really pushes and moves me. I mean, I still struggle just like everyone struggles – but I just keep pushing and keep going.

PTV: What impact did Cheer have on your life?

L: The documentary made me reflect a lot. On things that I want and things I don’t want in my life. I feel so much better and much healthier. I loved it, it was really, really fun.

PTV: What have you been reflecting on?

L: Just how I react, how I treat people, how I go about making decisions.

PTV: Are you happy with the way you were portrayed on Cheer?

L: It was very honest. I don’t take it back, cos anybody and everybody who was dealt with, they were dealt with, and it’s just how it was. I mean, I’m passionate, and if people aren’t doing their job I’m gonna say something, like, I just take it very seriously.

PTV: Was there anything left out that you’d love for audiences to have seen?

L: I wish they would have captured more of us doing really good because it really wasn’t so much hurt, as much as you saw. It was actually really good, and like, everybody wasn’t always getting killed every day (laughs). And I wish they’d shown warm ups more, because that was some fun.

PTV: What’s your dream career now Cheer has happened?

L: I’ve always wanted to be an actor. My entire life, I’ve always loved it. So I hope I can do that and truly step into that.

PTV: I’d love you and Jerry to have a reality tv show where you trained cheerleaders. Would you ever do something like that.

L: Yeah I would love that. Let’s make it happen!

PTV: Are you coming to Australia soon?

L: I wanna visit in the summer. I really want to see how Australia is, I love it.