Lack-Of-F*cks-Giver Jesse Eisenberg Hasn’t Seen ‘Batman V Superman’

Jesse Eisenberg is on the publicity trail for the upcoming Now You See Me 2, but in a recent interview with MTV, he was asked about the “mixed” (to put it politely) critical response to Batman v Superman, in which he played bad guy Lex Luthor.
His answer was pretty much the polar opposite of Ben Affleck staring sadly into the void. To sum up, he hasn’t seen the movie, hasn’t read the reviews, and will cut you down in the most delightfully mean way if you ask.
It turns out that Eisenberg never watches his own movies, because he finds it “uncomfortable” to watch himself, and the only recent one he’s actually seen is Zombieland, thanks to the fact that Woody Harrelson dragged him along.
FWIW, he’s down to play Lex again, and we’d watch that. Enjoy:
Meanwhile, the original Batfleck-‘Sound Of Silence’ has been taken down thanks to a copyright claim, so here’s a Curb-themed one instead:
Source: MTV.

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty.