Oh man, it’s difficult to get good quality merch these days, ain’t it? 

Tour shirts at gigs just ain’t made like they used to be, and even Kanye West‘s ‘The Life Pablo‘ merch is printed on Gildan for shits sake. 

Reality kween Kylie Jenner is discovering that not only is it difficult to buy dece merch, it’s apparently also extremely difficult to produce good quality merch. 

Jenner recently released her very sexy 2017 calendar (incl. cute pix of a snek), which is shot by Terry Richardson

See? Cute!

The KYLIEJENNER2017 calendar BY @terryrichardson available NOW on KylieJennerShop.com ????

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@terryrichardson X KYLIEJENNER2017 Calendar Sneak Peek. Dropping this Saturday on KylieJennerShop.com

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The Official KYLIE JENNER 2017 calendar with @terryrichardson launches on KylieJennerShop.com December 10th ???????????? all exclusive terry photos. Check out my snapchat for a preview xoxo !

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That’s all well and good, but unfortunately the calendar contains one rather Jenner-specific error: Kylie’s birthday. 

The calendar notes on August 20th, “20 today!” for her birthday (yes, she’s only 19 right now – how mental is that?!).

But unfortunately, Kylie‘s actual birthday is on August 10th. 

Fans cannot stop poking fun at the star’s own merch being incorrect:

Well, happy birthday for August 20th Kylie! Fuck… we mean, the 10th. 

Man, it’d be handy if we had some sort of device that correctly listed which events are on specific days, wouldn’t it? 

Source: Twitter. 

Photo: Terry Richardson / Kylie Jenner.