Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits Are Being Delivered In Shit Condition / Not At All

Kylie Jenner‘s wildly successful make-up biz is once again in hot water, after already fielding accusations last week that the factory that produces Kylie Cosmetics is akin to a ‘sweatshop’.

People who have ordered her Lip Kits – which retail for $US29 ($AU38.50) and sell out in seconds, sometimes reappearing on eBay for 10 times their original selling point – are complaining that their orders have either arrived in terrible conditions, or not at all. One person ordered the Posie K one and literally received a box of foam.

To add insult to injury, they’re also complaining the customer service is doing precisely jack shit about the problem.

When beauty blogger Cody Wren received her Lip Kit order after the latest restock (they sell out in seconds), one of the three arrived with the product spilt friggin’ everywhere.

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Upon closer inspection, she saw that the Lip Kit was missing a stopper, the piece that’s supposed to stop the product from spilling out the top. 

But when she emailed the customer service team asking for a replacement, she received nothing but silence for days.

Eventually, they got in contact to claim that there was nothing wrong with the Lip Kit (it was the Candy K one, btw), and that it is simply of a thinner consistency. A thinner consistency of what, they didn’t say, nor did they offer her a replacement given that three quarters of the product was all over the packaging.

She posted a screenshot of their email to Instagram:

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Another blogger, UK-based student Amy Liddell, literally received an empty box instead of her order.

In a post she published called ‘Why I’ll never order from Kylie Cosmetics ever again‘ (which has chalked up a solid 245 retweets in less than a day), she wrote:

“I opened the door to my postman who handed me the trademark Kylie Cosmetics box and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I opened it up, expecting my (very expensive) lip product to fall out and what did I get? Nothing but a box full of foam. Yep, that is it. All that was in my “Kylie” box was protective foam and my order confirmation. No lip kit. No cute Kylie postcard. Nothing. I’m not going to lie, I was devastated.

“Four emails, almost a week and hundreds of tweets later, I have had no reply. I’ve been completely ignored by the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter account, Instagram account and “customer service” email, with not so much as an acknowledgement that they’ve received my email. So far I have paid over £30 for an effing cardboard box and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be remedied any time soon.”

And a third blogger, UK-based Heather Nausid whose order was missing an entire product, told PEDESTRIAN.TV she’d only received a response (after five days of trying) when she threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

“They asked what the problem was, and that they would respond ASAP,” she told us. “I told them [about the missing product] and still haven’t heard anything.” At the time of publishing, she’s still waiting for a response.

Kylie Cosmetics haven’t responded to P.TV’s questions (shocker), but its Terms & Conditions state the products are delivered “as is”, and don’t come with any warranties or conditions of any kind, either express or implied.

It also says that products are subject to return only to its Return Policy, which simply states that they don’t accept returns, exchanges or refunds, and all sales are final.

So, yeah… howzabout Kylie rolling people for cash monies in her new Lip Kit ad, hey?

Photo: Instagram / Cody Wren; Kylie Cosmetics.