Kylie Jenner Just Expertly Trolled Herself Talking About Stormi’s Lips

Kylie Jenner has gushed about wee little Stormi Webster in a Q&A video with best friend Jordyn Woods. 

This is the first Q&A video on Kylie’s YouTube channel, something the soon to be 21-year-old usually does via her Twitter every so often.

In a question asking which physical features the mother and daughter share, Kylie answered her “big eyes” – a feature she had been hoping to pass on to the five-month-old.

The recent mother also shared how Stormi has the “perfect lips”:

“The one thing I was insecure about, she has. She has the most perfect lips in the whole entire world,” she said before jokingly adding, “She didn’t get those from me, she got those from her dad.”

Dada being 27-year-old Travis Scott.

The mightily successful entrepreneur is extremely well aware of all the talk her lips has attracted over the past few years. In fact, because of all the intense criticism and speculation directed at her lips back in 2015 – Kylie told viewers that she does have “temporary lip fillers, it’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do.” 

Kylie had made the announcement in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

In another interview with Complex in 2016, Kylie revealed the insecurity began after an incident with a total dick of a lad in middle school.

“This guy I kissed was like, ‘Your lips are really small but you’re a really good kisser. I didn’t think you were gonna be good at kissing.’ It was so rude. From then on, I just felt like I saw guys staring at my lips. I felt like no one wanted to kiss me.”

The Q&A also covered topics about how Kylie and Jordyn met, health, Kylie’s pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey.

Of the latter Kylie said:

“My boobs are definitely three times the size which bothers me. I have stretch marks on my boobs. I feel like my stomach isn’t the same, my waist isn’t the same. My butt’s bigger, my thighs are bigger. I’m finding I have to change my style cause nothing in my closet fits me from before.”

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

Kylie also used the video as an opportunity to announce Jordyn will be having her very own Kylie Cosmetics range soon ‘cos duh.

As they both said, “Stay tuned”. 

You can suss the Q&A video, below.