Kylie Jenner Krushes Kardashians, As New App Beats Her Sisters’

Much like a beautiful, shiny-haired rat king, the Kardashian Klan simultaneously released a clutch of new apps this week, but Kylie Jenner surpassed her sisters, chewing through their knotted tails and clawing her way to the top of the heap to have the most popular one.
The app is an all-in Kylie Jenner experience, giving “unprecedented access to her life”, featuring original, curated content like make-up tutorials, live streams of Kyles hanging out with her home girls, and a personally-programmed radio station.
The launch of the app has solidified Kween Kylie‘s place at the top of the Kardashian pile, hitting the number one spot on the iTunes free download chart, and handily beating out each of her sisters’ competing apps, even Kim‘s.
Per reports in Hollywood Life, Kylie’s number one squeeze Tyga prognosticated this success for her, and can apparently see the future:
“It was Tyga who told her this was going to happen. He predicted that Kylie’s app would topple her sisters’ apps and make it to number one. He’s been telling everyone, ‘I told ya so,’ and kind of rubbing it in to Kim, Khloe and Kendall, but in a playful way.”
Kylie is currently retweeting the various bits of praise that are coming her way.

We phhhucccckin luhhhh dis bihhhh too, random Twitter user R. Gorgeous; we phhhucccckin luhhhh dis bihhhh too.
via Complex
Photo: Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images