The list of shit you can shame people for nowadays just keeps on growing and it seems like a Kardashian or Jenner is involved every time – this time it’s youngest sibling Kylie Jenner.

Now we all know the reality star fam love to go all out for festive occasions, especially Christmas, so why people are pissed that the beauty boss has a lush Christmas tree is BEYOND me.

The mama-of-one took to Instagram to show off her golden tree (yep folks, a golden tree), and captioned it:

“Gold is the theme of this year. Thank you @jeffleatham and the team for never failing to make Christmas magic happen.”

Behold the extra Christmas goodness below:

The legion of Kylie haters were quick to slam the almost billionaire for flaunting her opulence via the comments section of the post.

“Imagine how many families you could feed with the money used to buy the materialistic things for Christmas,” one commenter wrote while another simply wrote “wastage of money.”

Some followers took issue with the use of a gold tree rather than a natural green as it’s her daughter Stormi‘s first Christmas and therefore a legit tree was in order. Ok.

“This is terrible for a child’s first Christmas. It should always be green. Now it’s always going to have to be gold,” wrote the angry fan.

Meanwhile another commenter simply wasn’t a fan of the look of the tree, “Don’t like it at all. Looks tacky,” they wrote.

Look, art is subjective and all but it’s Christmas, folks. Calm tf down.