There’s A Reason Kylie Jenner Waited To Announce Her Bb Name & It Involves An Aussie Influencer

Kylie Jenner Aire

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have officially completed their baby rebrand by legally changing their son’s name from Wolf Jacques Webster to Aire Webster. Personally, I was hoping the kid would go by “The Child Formally Known As Wolf” à la Prince for the rest of his life but it seems that’s not a great choice for an actual child.

While we knew this was coming, apparently there’s a reason it took the reality star so long to actually announce take two of his moniker: she allegedly wanted to copyright his new name.

And fans think it has something to do with Aussie influencer Tammy Hembrow.

Let me explain.

According to TMZ, in the legal documents that are currently being processed by the courts, the couple say they regret the initial name. After spending time with their bub, they felt that Aire was a better fit.

If any of you are into numerology, this makes a lot of sense. Aire was born on February 2, 2022, or 2.2.22. To some (me) that signifies that baby boy is a peacekeeper and sensitive soul at heart. If there’s even an ounce of truth in that statement, the name Wolfe would’ve been a bit much, don’t you think? Aire is giving soft, baby king energy.

Okay, moving on.

Kylie first announced the arrival of her second child in March 2, 2022 via an Instagram grid post, before taking to stories a few days later to announce his name in a simple, text-only post that read “Wolf Webster” with a white heart.

(Credit: Instagram / Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner)

As soon as the name was announced, Kylie’s comments blew up with people accusing the lip-kit queen of copying the name from Hembrow, who named her six-year-old son Wolf Hawkins.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would an international juggernaut of a celebrity care about a fitness influencer from the Goldie?

Please join me in casting our minds back to 2018.

Hembrow had become pals with Khloé Kardashian after appearing in one of her Good American campaigns and scored an invite to Kylie’s exclusive 21st birthday bash.

But their relationship went sour when pics were leaked of Tammy being hauled out of the party face down on a stretcher. Although she was totally fine and blamed the awkward situation on a lack of sleep, the embarrassing incident caused Kylie to unfollow her, and Kris Jenner even denied that she even knew Hembrow was at the party.

Ouchie mama.

With all that in their history, Kylie announced Wolf as the name of baby numero dos and Hembrow wasn’t pleased.

She fuelled the comment section fire by sharing a pic and captioning it “Wolfie’s mum”.

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A post shared by Tammy 🐚 (@tammyhembrow)

She even replied to a TikTok comment saying she was “actually liking the name Stormi at the moment” which implied that she was going to steal the name of Kylie’s first born for her unborn child.

Six weeks after giving birth to her son, Kylie announced on her Insta Stories that she would be changing the little dude’s name.

“FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore,” she wrote, along with two laugh-crying emojis. “We just didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Fans quickly begun speculating that the change arose from all the shit she copped from Tammy.

But instead of giving her fans an update on what the bubba’s name was, Kylie decided to keep her lip-kitted lips sealed shut.

“I am not going to announce it yet because God forbid I change it again,” Kylie told Kris on an epsiode of  The Kardashians.  

It wasn’t until 10 months later that she revealed in a cute Instagram carousel that his name was Aire, which apparently means something quite unfortunate in Arabic slang.

Bless up, baby Aire! (Credit: Instagram / Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner)

Since then, there’s been some rumours and blind items alleging that the reason she took so long to come clean about child number two’s name was that she wanted to copyright it, and didn’t want someone *coughs* Tammy *coughs* to steal his fun new elemental name.

“This A-list reality star with the lucrative side gig would get so many more points if she was just honest and told the world that as soon as she gets a trademark for her baby’s name, she will announce it to the world,” said one blind item from April 2022.

It’s not the first time Kylie has dabbled in legally owning the rights to a name, either. In 2015 she got wrapped up in a lawsuit with Aussie icon Kylie Minogue for trying to trademark the name “Kylie.” Sadly for Kylie the reality star, Kylie the singer maintained her reign over the name. As it should be.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ~rise and shine~ singing reality star would be trying to nab Aire a trademark or copyright for his name. What if he wants to go into rapping like his papa? Or get a deal for baby Nike Air(e)s? Business mogul mummy is setting him UP.

After all, he is the second aire in line to the Jenner throne. I’ll see myself out for that one.