Kyle Sandilands Wants New TV Show, But No “Highbrow Shit”

If you hoped that when Kyle & Jackie O switched networks they’d disappear quietly, we understand! Us too. Unfortunately, things haven’t played out that way: since moving to KIIS FM they’ve dominated the ratings, perpetuating the cycle of abuse and even encouraging Kyle Sandilands to contemplate another foray into TV.

The duo’s last attempt at television, 2011’s Kyle & Jackie O’s Night With The Stars, was almost as notable for how awful it was as for Kyle’s threat to “hunt down” a journalist who panned the show. All that seems to be water under the bridge, though: in an interview in today’s Daily Telegraph he says, “I got pretty burned from last time when we did it. But that doesn’t bother me. I’ve dusted the charcoal off and I’m ready.”

He’s even got some specific ideas of the kind of show he wants it to be, saying “I want to do a late-night show but nothing like that dumb Spicks & Specks. I hate all that highbrow shit.”

And it wouldn’t be a vintage Sandilands spray if he didn’t call out some other names reportedly being considered to host a late night talk show, just for the sake of being a dick: “There was Larry Emdur, Karl Stefanovic and Fitzy. These guys would be fucking terrible at being on late night TV because they’re just too bland. They are great for morning and daytime, but let’s face it, they are going nowhere at night.” Fucking terrible, professional; too bland, not jerks; let’s call the whole thing off.

Image via Ryan Pierse for Getty Images Entertainment