Kyle Sandilands Loses It At Psychic Who Refuses To Tell Him When He’ll Die

Is Kyle Sandilands the most unlikeable person in Australian entertainment? Having not met everyone in the Australian entertainment industry, it would be unfair of me to make that call but, well: yes.
He’s taken his usually mundane douchebaggery to a newer, more absurd level by somehow getting a psychic to storm off his show after she refused to tell him when he would die.
Georgina Walker is the KIIS 1065 breakfast show’s “resident psychic” (lol) and answers questions for callers, like this exceptionally grim one from “Lizzie“, who asked who out of Kyle and Jackie O would die first.
Jackie didn’t want a bar of it initially but seemed pretty chuffed when Georgina quickly said that Kyle would be first into the grave.
Bizarrely, Sandilands was already pretty secure in when he was going to die, having already been told by another psychic that we was going to die “very lonely but super loaded” at the ripe old age of 89.
Georgina was not as convinced though, telling him “Someone’s really bullshitted you.” Apparently, operating as a psychic, you have a strict code that must be followed at all times:
“I always vowed that I would never, ever reveal something that I may see in someone because of the emotional connection. That is an ethical thing that I have.”

Kyle wasn’t buying it:

“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say in my life. Give me a number.”

It ended with Georgina threatening to walk out and Kyle not only telling her to leave but also making sure that no one in the studio helped her leave? Not sure about that one:

“Well you walk out and you walk out unassisted, no one’s even gonna help you off the chair. Don’t help her with the chair anyone.”
Sandilands might have seemed mad but he’s laughing actually, because he’ll outlive us all:

“I’m fine. I’ve got high blood pressure, that’s it. Everyone wants me to be on death’s door, I’m not. Guess what? I’m not on death’s door!”

Good for you Kyle, good for you.
Photo: Getty Images / Ryan Pierse.