The mystery that’s besieged the sleepy mountain town of Twin Peaks for the past 25 years just took one giant step towards being solved, with crack FBI operative, and original investigator, Agent Dale Cooper confirmed to finally return to the town where he first made his name.

With the much beloved cult series announced to return to TV screens in 2016 – a nine episode third season is being produced by show creators David Lynch and Mark Frost for US cable network Showtime – the attention obviously now turns to how many, if any, of the show’s original cast will also make their return.

Whilst it’s entirely plausible that the show could continue with an entirely fresh cast – particularly given that the new season will pick up in the present day, 25 years removed from where it left off – at the very least it would seem like something of a disservice if Agent Cooper didn’t return for one more piping hot coffee and a slice of cherry pie.

Fortunately, we live in a world where nice things do exist from time to time.

The man behind the tie, Kyle Maclachlan, has had his presence in season three confirmed by series co-creator Frost. Though Maclachlan himself hinted at it way back in October…

…today’s confirmation from Frost puts the key in the door and locks that bad boy in.

Showtime executives have stated that Lynch is promising “closure” for the series – which for David Lynch could mean anything from a linear ending to the mystery, through to Agent Cooper unzipping his suit to reveal a cobalt spherical orb that dances listlessly in the breeze as the narrative world crumbles apart and the camera dives through a storm water drain, revealing a red room with a man in a sparkly pink tuxedo inside, who flips a coin over and over whilst jazz music plays backwards.

That gum we like really is coming back in style, you guys!

Photo: Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images.

via The AV Club.