The very definition of lowest common denominator targeting, The Kyle & Jackie O Show, has found a new home with MixFM. Well, we all knew it was happening but it’s still a bummer to hear; especially after briefly having thought it was all coming to an end.

The ARN, who own Mix and Classic Hits and boast a significant national reach across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, today released ‘The news that Sydney’s been waiting for’:

The station’s re-branding / best kept secret is still yet to be confirmed
but whether the station is called Kiis or not, the new deal supposedly also includes a weekly show that will air through ARN’s international affiliate Clear Channel, meaning it would be beamed out through the US, the UK and the Middle East.

Kyle & Jackie O Refuse To Retire From Australian Radio

The increasingly irrelevant Kyle & Jackie O Show has been deploying their arsenal of desperate and abrasive methods to try and stay ‘entertaining’ since 2005 and obviously that has caught the ear of ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell, who has said in a statement: “Kyle and Jackie are immense talent with a huge and loyal fan base who are going to be thrilled to be waking up with their favourite presenters on a new, energetic and entertaining station next year. It’s a fresh start and Kyle and Jackie are equally excited to be joining us.”

The cretins, who contribute to a national IQ lowering and consistently show themselves to be straight up shitty people, have claimed the title of ‘one of Australia’s top-rated FM radio breakfast shows’ for four consecutive years and are marketed as ‘the country’s most popular radio program’.
As such, they are expected to command a fee that exceeds their current $1million contracts.

Kyle & Jackie O Refuse To Retire From Australian Radio

What does this say about us, as a nation? Listening to them is like reading a book written by an illiterate moron, you’re sitting there reading the conversations between characters and thinking ‘holy actual shit, there really are people this like this. This is what their life is.’ You would almost feel sorry for them if there weren’t millions of impressionable viewers/dollars involved and their ignorance didn’t manifest in such malicious and damaging ways.



Kyle & Jackie O Refuse To Retire From Australian Radio

via The Age and Mumbrella