In news that’s going to please approximately none of you, morning muck-rakers Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O have reportedly signed a new radio contract with KIIS FM that is not only worth an eye-watering amount of millions per year, but is also quite possibly the single biggest media deal in Australian history. Cool!

Reports this morning assert that Kyle & Jackie O have re-upped their deal to remain on the airwaves at KIIS until 2024. The station has been their home since 2014 after sensationally defecting from 2Day FM in a move that caught almost the entire staff at 2Day off guard.

The new deal is reportedly worth somewhere in the vicinity of $7-8 million each, per year.

That is, roughly, a pay packet that exceeds $39,000 each per show. Old mates are earning more than the annual minimum wage for each and every radio show they do. Bonkers shit.

In an interesting twist, both Kyle and Jackie O negotiate their contracts separately but maintain parity as far as base pay is concerned. The differences between the two come in the various bonuses and incentives tied to things like radio ratings surveys and advertorial revenue for the show. Through those allowances, it’s believed Sandilands in particular could rake in somewhere around $50 million over the course of the new 5-year deal.

Kyle and Jackie O have been partnered up on radio consistently since 2000, where they began hosting Hot30 on the SCA network.

$39,000+ per person, per episode.

And here I am getting paid peanuts by comparison to write about it.

Really makes you think, etc.

Image: AAP