Kristen Stewart Is Working On A ‘Gay Ghost-Hunting Reality Show’ & Where Do We Sign TF Up?

kristen stewart gay ghost hunting reality tv show

Everyone remain somewhat calm, but Kristen Stewart is working on a reality show as one of her latest creative endeavours. Not just any reality show, either: a “gay ghost-hunting reality show”, which sounds delightfully wild and extremely our areas.

K-Stew detailed her spooky new project in a new interview with The New Yorker, explaining that she wants it to be a “paranormal romp in queer space”, and that she’s working on it with an un-named close friend. A bunch of queer people waving around geiger counters looking for potential spooky energies? Absolutely sign me the fuck up on that, thank you very much.

She went on to divulge how she wants this spirit-heavy reality show to look, noting that it needs to be aesthetically pleasing to lean into the idea that queer people tend to love well-curated things.

“Gay people love pretty things,” she said. “So we are aiming for a richness.”

Once again, where do I sign up to inhale this ghostlore content? I’ll truly give anything for Kristen Stewart’s stunning presentation of unearthly delights to be a reality in my life as soon as is humanly (and spiritually) possible.

This gay ghost-hunting reality show venture isn’t her only current project in the television realm, either. In the same interview, The New Yorker reported that she’s also writing a TV series with her fiancée, Dylan Meyer. There’s no more intel on that project, but I can only imagine how it’ll turn out.

Likely because this news is so utterly out of left field, the description of Kristen’s paranormal project has turned into a bit of a meme online.

Look, how else are you meant to react to the fact that Kristen Stewart, of cult Twilight fame is developing a gay ghost-hunting reality show with a friend, which she has described as “a paranormal romp in a queer space,” with elevated aesthetics? Simply no other way to process this news.