Kristen Bell, IRL Hero, Just Saved Josh Gad’s Family From Hurricane Irma

Kristen Bell was already pretty good. Hilarious actor, star of the much-loved series Veronica Mars and the toddler crack known as Frozen, notorious sloth-lover and emotional crier, she’s pretty much impossible not to like.

Now, though, she’s been elevated from Tiny Charming Actor With Good Taste In Animal Pals to REAL LIFE ACTUAL HERO.

How? Turns out she rescued the family of fellow actor and Frozen co-star Josh Gad, who were stranded in Florida right in the path of the highly destructive Hurricane Irma.

She managed to get Gad’s parents, brothers and (he says) entire family into a room at her hotel in Orlando, giving them a place to bunker down in the storm.

Unsurprisingly fans of both stars have been extremely moved by this development – particularly the whole Frozen connection (in case you missed that particular Titanic-sized Disney boat, Bell played protagonist Anna, and Gad voiced Olaf, the totally not-creepy idiot snowman).

what the fuck exactly is going on here

Bloody good onya, Kristen. We hope everyone in Florida has a friend like you.