Kristen Bell Was Told How ‘The Good Place’ Ends & Completely Forgot It

Kristen Bell

Beloved star of The Good Place Kristen Bell has a lot on her plate, so much so that even the most interesting pieces of information… don’t sink in.

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Bell shared an example of this when she hopped on Conan the other night with her Good Place co-stars.

Conan, fishing for some info, asked Bell if showrunner Mike Schur had ever shared his plans for the show’s ultimate ending and as it turns out, he did.

“I was told [the ending],” Bell revealed to Conan. “And the funny thing is, I got a lot going on and I don’t remember things very well and I forgot, I legit forgot,” she said.

Well then.

“I’ve got two kids guys, that’s a lot of work – there’s so much work – they don’t even tell you how much work they are,” she continued when Conan shared his disbelief. “He told me – last year, he’s like – ‘I think this is how I’m going to wrap it up, yeah, that’s the right idea’ and I – it has exited my brain.”

Either the ending is bland as hell and thus easily forgettable or it’s just far too much for one to handle. Or, surprise option c) this is a big ol’ con.

Catch the interview snippet below.

Apart from The Good Place, Bell also has the highly-anticipated Veronica Mars reboot – slated for release on Hulu later this year.

The reboot will see the return of some familiar faces including Jason Dohring as Logan EchollsPercy Daggs III as Wallace FennelEnrico Colantoni as Keith MarsFrancis Capra as Eli NavarroRyan Hansen as Dick CasablancasMax Greenfield as Leo D’Amato, and Daren Norris as Cliff McCormack. 

Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons recently joined the cast as ex-con Clyde Prickett alongside fellow newcomers Patton Oswalt and Dawnn Lewis.

OH, Frozen – which also stars Bell – is set to hit cinemas at the end of this year. It will most likely takeover the world again.