TMI But Kourtney Wore A G-Banger Delicately Embroidered W/ A Hidden Message At Her Wedding

Kourtney kardashian's travis thong

It seems I cannot go a week without getting a TMI update about *a certain two couples* that seem to be competing for the title of horniest duo ever. This time, the culprit is Kourtney Kardashian who apparently wore a G-string embroidered with Travis Barker‘s name on her wedding. Cute, but I learned this against my will.

Kourtney’s stylist Dani Michelle shared this naughty morsel of information by posting a series of Instagram pics.

One of these pics included a white, floral G-strong with the name “Travis” delicately embroidered across its hooha… draped across a dinner plate???

I am morbidly curious about the context of that thong placement, as is everyone else who saw it — leading Dani to clarify some details on Instagram stories.

“Thank you @laperlalingerie for making the sexiest and coolest lingerie for this special week,” she wrote.

“From her one of a kind underpinnings, to your embroidery and the cutest garter belts, it made our night complete!

“I got one pair for our quick change — the rest is for our bride to share lol.”

kourtney kardashian travis thong

Okay, so she didn’t actually clarify why the G-string was placed like a succulent meal on a dining set but whatever, that’s not the story here (or is it???).

The more I think about it, the more I reckon the name-on-the-undies thing is cute. BUT. Under no circumstances did I need to know about it, then know Kourtney wore it on her wedding day, and then imagine it– actually no, I’m ending that train of thought right there.

The undies are not the only reference to Travis that Kourtney wore on her wedding day.

Her veil had a design to match his head tattoo, her corset had the initials “KKB” embroidered on it and she wore a white leather “Mrs. Barker” jacket during the reception.

Honestly, intense as these two may be, they look fkn cute together. But now we’ve gotten this update, I’m waiting for Megan Fox to appear like magic and tell us an even more TMI detail about her sex life with Machine Gun Kelly. The cycle continues.