Based On Kourt & Travis’ Recent IG Activity, It Looks Like They Just Got Fkn Hitched In Vegas

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, a.k.a. my favourite celebrity couple RN (soz Bennifer), have been peppering Instagram with loved-up snaps since the start of their relationship and I sure as shit ain’t complaining.

The latest lot of posts have taken place in Las Vegas and they’ve got people wondering if there’s more to this trip than just a romantic vacay.

Kourtney’s hairstylist, @glencocoforhair, revealed on Instagram that he styled two hair lewks for her over the weekend and the caption of one of his posts has people wondering if the happy couple secretly got hitched in Vegas.

“NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas,” he wrote, along with a chapel emoji. “There’s nothing like love AND a good time.”

Not to mention the fact that Kourt’s post was captioned with “What happens in Vegas,” which could definitely be a nod to a secret wedding.

Meanwhile Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama Barker also shared a snap from the series and added, “@travisbarker @kourtneykardash So happy for you guys.”

I’m sorry, HWHAT?

So. Happy. For. You. Guys!?

Dude, they’ve been dating for fucking ages now, so surely she’s not just congratulating them on their relationship. Plus look at those heart and sooky face emojis over the pics of the pair running through a Vegas hotel as if they’re en route to the chapel:

I’m telling ya, something’s going on here!

Side note: I’ve been through every member of the Kardashian / Jenner fam’s ‘gram and there’s no Kourtney tea from them just yet, but I’m sure one of them will spill it eventually, as they always do.

Oh and also, because it’s Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian (our token ~freaky~ couple), they just HAD TO make it weird.

Have a go at Kourt’s comment on Travis’ post, will ya?

For those new to the game, head here to read what’s going on with all the blood / sucking stuff.

Let’s just say this is very much par for the course, but we’re not gonna let it distract us from the matter at hand: Kourtney Kardashian might be friggen’ married to Blink-182’s drummer, Travis Barker, with a friggen’ Vegas ceremony, no less.

Good god, I hope an Elvis impersonator presided over their nuptials!