Kourt K Broke Her Silence On Travis Barker’s Rumoured Foot Fetish & I’m All Toes, I Mean Ears

Kourtney Kardashian has broken her silence on Travis Barker‘s rumoured love of feet. If there’s any sentence which sums up 2022, it is that one. I can only apologise for making you read it.

Kourtney appeared on an ep of podcast Not Skinny Not Fat. In the interview, she described herself as having “really cute feet”. Okay, love the confidence.

“I feel like a foot fetish has to go two ways. I feel like you’re into it too,” host Amanda Hirsch said.

“I mean, if someone wants to pay extra attention to my feet, I’m not mad at that,” Kourtney replied.

“Well my husband, not just anybody.”

Hirsch also brought up the frequent appearances Kourtney’s feet have made on Instagram.

In the past, Barker has shared a couple of snaps of Kourtney’s feet on social media. To each their own but also: put those away.

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Do whatever you like in your private life, but toes on the face on the public Instagram? Celebrities must simply be stopped.

In the interview, Kourtney added that she has teeny tiny size five feet. Me and my AU size 10 feet have never known peace.

“We just embrace it,” she said.

Kourtney also touched on her and Travis’s PDA in public and private.

“It’s fun to just be ourselves and not take it so seriously and not worry about taking the most perfect photo,” she said.

But she explained they tried to “be respectful” at home.

“We try to be respectful, too, of you know, the kids, and want everyone to feel comfortable,” she said.

“But yeah, sometimes we’ll be hugging or just staring into each other’s eyes and the kids will be like, ‘Ew gross’.”

Apparently, the kids “love how much” Kourtney and Travis love each other though. So that’s nice, I suppose.

Kris Jenner herself has also spoken about Kourtney and Travis’s PDA — though not, thank God, the foot fetish.

In an ep of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kris was hooked up to a lie detector and asked if Kourt and Travis’ PDA was too much.

She replied, “only once in a while” — which set off the lie detector.

Fair enough, Kris.