OOFT: Kourt Kardashian Banned Scott From Appearing On SNL With Kim ‘Cos She Hated His Joke

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Kim Kardashian‘s appearance on SNL will always be remembered for a variety of reasons, and now we have a new one: Scott Disick almost joined her.

From setting up her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson to kickstarting a feud between her and Debra Messing (or as she put it on The Kardashians, “that girl from Will & Grace), the ep was certainly something.

And it turns out her appearance was almost even more iconic, but big sis Kourtney put a stop to that.

In the latest ep of the fam’s new series (which is now streaming on Disney+, BTW), Kourt’s ex-BF Scott Disick revealed that he was supposed to appear on Kim’s SNL ep but Kourt wouldn’t let him.

Explaining to the Kardashian fam why he opted out of the episode, Scott explained: “I talked to Kourtney about it and she wasn’t feeling it.”

He then told the ladies what his skit was gonna be: “Basically, I say to her, ‘Do you know the reason I date young girls? I try to add them all up so they’re your age,’” he recounted.

Momager Kris Jenner chuckled and said: “Oh, come on.”

Scott then said that if he and Kourt were married, then “sure, I’d make fun of her on TV. But not like separated, it’s not in good taste.”

Khloé added, “You have to follow your gut,” and Scott added, “That was my gut. I called her and talked her about it and I came to the conclusion.”

If ya haven’t sussed out The Kardashians yet, I recommend that you do so! Not gonna lie, it’s a hoot and a half.

I know KUWTK was getting as stale as a week-old loaf of bread, but a lot of shit went down in between rides and they’re spilling all the tea on the new show.

Have a peek at the teaser for the latest ep below: