Rian Johnson‘s twisty murder mystery comedy Knives Out is officially copping a sequel, which is frankly the best movie news we’ve heard in some time.

The sequel was confirmed yesterday by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer. The film has been extremely profitable for the company, earning close to $300 million worldwide.

While little more is known about Knives Out 2 at this point, it appears that Daniel Craig‘s heavily-accented Detective Benoit Blanc will be returning to solve another crime.

Johnson was interviewed this week on The Jess Cagle Show on SiriusXM, and revealed a few more interesting details about the upcoming film.

He said that the sequel will have a different cast – save for the return of Daniel Craig – a different setting, and “an entirely new mystery” to the original.

He also spoke about the classic Agatha Christie novels that inspired his own screenplay, hinting that he might experiment a little with the murder mystery genre next time around.

He pointed out that Christie’s And Then There Were None is a “slasher”-type story while The ABC Murders is more about a serial killer.

Does this mean Knives Out 2 might be a slasher film of some kind? Whatever happens, sign me the hell up.