Killer Content: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Knives Out 2 Glass Onion

There’s no doubt about it, Netflix has just gone ham with the announcing of the Knives Out 2 cast. It’s like every week – sometimes more than that – another big name is added to the lineup. But hey, if I dropped hundreds of millions of dollars on a franchise, I’d probably scream about it from the rooftops too.

In April 2021, Netflix announced it was dropping a cool USD$469 million on two sequels for the franchise. Four hundred and sixty-nine million dollars. That is simply too much money and yet here we are.

With that sort of $$$, you’d expect the cast to be absolutely stacked for both films, just like the first Knives Out. Plus set design, costumes, and all that jazz.

By the looks of it, the cast for the sequel is already big. So, here’s everything we know about Knives Out 2 (so far).

When will Knives Out 2 premiere on Netflix?

It’s just landed so go forth and binge away!

What’s it called? Knives Out 2?

Surprisingly not! Netflix confirmed the name of the new film on June 14 and it’s a slight departure from the original film.

It’s going to be called Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. So while it’s staying in the Knives Out film family, it’s not actually being called Knives Out 2. Do we smell a Benoit Blanc extended universe?

Is there a trailer?

There sure is!

Have a peek below:

What’s it about?

Netflix is still keeping the full plot under lock and key, but we do know the sequel is being shot in Greece and follows a “mystery involving a new cast of colourful suspects”.

We also know Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the brilliant detective Benoit Blanc for another intriguing murder mystery. The rest remains to be seen, although since Rian Johnsonis returning to direct the sequel I expect it’ll be just *kissy fingers*.

Never forget this scene.

A doughnut within a doughnut. 

Who else has been cast in Knives Out 2 / Glass Onion?

Kate Hudson is the most recent addition to the cast, who could honestly play either the baddie or the goodie in Knives Out 2 / Glass Onion. We know she can do both.

One Night In Miami star Leslie Odom Jr. joined the franchise in an unknown part, along with Kathryn “It-Was-Agatha-All-Along” Hahn. Could she be a villain? Fun aunt? Wholesome mum? The possibilities are endless because Kathryn Hahn is the definition of range.

Singer-songwriter Janelle Monàe joined the cast in early May, and I honestly would not mind if she was the baddie. She can do no wrong in my books!

Monàe has previously starred in the Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures and the Oscar-winning Moonlight. 

Edward Norton copped the “in talks” treatment in May and was confirmed a few months later. Norton’s been in a whole heap of films, from Fight Club to The Grand Budapest Hotel to The Hulk, before Mark Ruffalo became the big, green thing.

Guardians of the Galaxy star / huge unit Dave Bautista was the first actor officially announced to join Daniel Craig in Knives Out 2 / Glass Onion. I just hope he gets to wear one of those cable-knit sweaters, like what Chris Evans wore in the first movie. A big guy in a big, cuddly sweater? Yes.

Knives Out 2
Love to see it.

The film will reunite Bautista with Craig, who both starred in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre.

Outer Banks and Stranger Things star Madelyn Cline and Jessica Henwick from Game Of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens have also been locked in for the next film.

And then there’s… Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

STORY TIME: turns out the 500 Days of Summer actor has cameo’d in all of Rian Johnson’s films, in some shape or form.

No really, he even said so in a recent interview with Us Weekly.

“Funnily enough, and folks may or may not know this, I’ve actually gotten to cameo in every single one of Rian Johnson’s films, from Bricks to The Brothers Bloom and even Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Gordon-Levitt told the publication.

“It’s a tradition that I hope we get to keep up!”

In the first Knives Out, JGL voiced the role of Detective Hardrock on the TV show Marta (Ana de Armas) watches at the beginning of the movie. So who knows where he’ll pop up in Knives Out 2 / Glass Onion?

The more you know.

Will the cast from the first movie be in it?

I mean, maybe? But if you ask Jamie Lee Curtis, you can kiss goodbye to the full Thrombey family making a return in Knives Out 2 / Glass Onion. 

“To clear up any rumours, the Thrombey family is in family counselling and the therapist suggested they stay away from Benoit Blanc in the future,” Curtis shared on Instagram in April.

“NONE of us will be joining Mr. Blanc in Greece. As the family spokesperson, we wish the filmmakers all our best in their new venture.”

According to Curtis, Ransom is in the knitting business now. Makes sense.

Who is the killer on Knives Out 2 Glass Onion?

Spoilers ahead, obvs…

It’s Edward Norton’s character Miles!

The billionaire lured his mates to the island after murdering Janelle Monae’s character Helen.

He then goes on a killing spree to cover his tracks.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now streaming on Netflix.