Knickers The Large Cow Forced Trevor Noah To Roll Out His 7/10 Aussie Accent

In little over a day, the story of Knickers has reached saturation point.

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Despite being highlighted by the ABC weeks ago, imagery of the enormous Western Australian steer went viral on social media yesterday. Soon after, his mere existence brought about feverish discussion among overseas media outlets.

The New York Times, America’s most reputable masthead, openly marvelled at the beast’s stature.  US sports outlet The Ringer noted Knickers’ vertical prowess and asked which NBA team would sign him up for a trial.  Then there was The Washington Post, which quite callously refuted Knickers’ status as a ‘giant cow’ by pointing out he is a) a steer, not a female bovine, and b) seems to be surrounded by a genuinely smaller breed of cows.

Now, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has deigned to discuss Knickers’ admirable beefiness as a leading issue of the day. Forget the eternal frustration of US President Donald Trump and the unfolding Brexit car crash, Noah said. Instead, let us all focus on the hefty boy.

Props to Noah for also busting out a 6/10 Australian accent for his piece, veering on 7/10 if we overcompensate for his very excellent enunciation of “Michael Jordan.” 

Seeing as Knickers is a giant steer and is incapable of human speech, much less understanding the international impact of his generous heft, this worldwide attention does seem rather strange – until you remember that, oh yeah, Knickers is bloody massive and deserves our praise, attention, and love.