Game of Thrones season eight spoilers ahead.

We knew The Last Watch was going to be emotional as hell but just from some snippets alone, the eyes are already stinging. And there’s one moment in particular that has broken hearts.

When we copped our first look at the documentary, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jeanie Finlay, we could only guess what made Kit Harington so upset during the crew’s final table read. Turns out, it was the moment Harington learned his character, Jon Snow, plunged a knife through the heart of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

If you thought you were shooKETH by that ending, just think how the actors felt. In real time, fans watched as Harington audibly gasped, pushed himself away from the table, and cried. Opposite him sat Clarke who had already been told of her beloved character’s fate. She smiled and nodded at him as if to say: “Yeah mate, it’s 100% fucked.” 

On Twitter, that exact moment crushed what was left of our hearts.

This is a slightly longer version of the table read.


“Kit Harington’s reaction to learning Jon kills Daenerys is so relatable I can’t even,” one user tweeted.

“Kit Harington realising Jon Snow kills Daenerys at the final table read for #GameofThrones is the raw emotion we need more of in 2019,” another tweeted.


Harington also made an incredibly moving speech after he filmed his final scene as Jon Snow.

“I feel like my heart is breaking. I love the show. More than, I think, anything,” he said through tears.

“It has never been a job for me. It’s been my life, and this will always be the greatest thing I will ever do and be a part of. And you have been my family. I love you for it. Thank you so much.” 

If you haven’t watched the documentary then I don’t want to spoil anything else for you but these two tweets, they’re just – IT HURTS.

You can catch The Last Watch 8:30pm on Foxtel tonight. Or… you can watch it… somewhere else…

Image: Game of Thrones