We now have footage from behind the scenes of that arcade scene in Netflix’s kind-of-basic-but-kind-of-awesome The Kissing Booth 2, and somehow, it makes watching the original even better. That is, if you’re not going to be crushed by the fact that a major feature film used *gasp* a green screen.

The clip was posted to IGTV by Taylor Zakhar Perez, who played Marco.

“Y’all know that moment when #Marcelle have their final dance rehearsal before the big day? This was how we did it,” Zakhar Perez wrote on Instagram.

“Go back and WATCH THIS SCENE AGAIN. But watch this first 😉 this was such a vibe.”

“Our camera team worked their asses off running in circles for legit two hours as we danced,” he added.

“God we worked our asses off. And so grateful it came through on screen. AHHHHH.”

He also snuck in the fact that Joey King (who stared as Elle) is a BAMF, as if we didn’t already know that.

If you want to see it the way it was intended to be seen (at least, as far as Zakhar Perez is concerned) then go and watch the final cut immediately afterwards. It’s right here, for your convenience.

The comments seem to belong to two schools of thought, both of which are basically different forms of disappointment.

The first is that people are disappointed to find out that the scene wasn’t actually filmed in an arcade.

The second is that people (pretty much everyone, in fact) are disappointed by the ending. How can you watch this (and the actual arcade dance scene, and the whole of Kissing Booth 2) and not be on team #Marcelle?!

You know what, here’s an upside: it was sick watching their dance routine be performed in one, single take.

Image: Instagram / @taylorzakharperez