Kirsten Dunst Turns Japanese For Takashi Murakami

See everyone? Kirsten Dunst can revisit Bring It On levels of ridiculousness and still maintain credibility (kind of). Donning a Japanese school uniform, the Spiderman actress recently appeared in ‘Akihabara Majokko Princess’ a Takashi Murakami video that was Co-Directed by Mr. Blockbuster McG (he of Terminator Salvation and ummm. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle fame).

The video premiered at the Tate Modern’s ‘Pop Life’ exhibition and appears to combine Lost In Translation’s enamored Westerner with a shade of Sailor Moon cosplay and Kirsten Dunst’s dimples. Awww cute. Until McG pulls the trigger and BLOWS SOME SHIT UP! Nah just kidding Arrested Motion explains the abstract and ethereal video…

Starring Kirsten Dunst singing a cover to the Vapors’ “Turning Japanese”, the video includes footage of Dunst dancing through the streets of the Akihabara district in Tokyo dressed as a colorful princess. That is of course, until McG pulls the trigger and BLOWS SOME SHIT UP! Check out some behind the scenes snaps via Boing Boing