Kim Told She Won’t See $4M Ring Again As Cops Look To Antwerp Diamond Trade

Kim Kardashian West must be feeling as if a weight has been removed from her shoulders since the news broke that French police had captured the group of 16 men and women who allegedly organised her robbery in Paris
However, while justice is slowly but surely being done, police have told the reality star that the chances of her ever getting back the $4 million engagement ring she received from husband Kanye West are extremely slim. 
Police believe that the ring was sold into the illegal diamond trade in Antwerp, Belgium
Sources ‘with knowledge of Belgium‘s black market’ have told media outlet TMZ that some of those arrested in France have ties to the black market; it was reported earlier that most of the group are ‘career criminals’. 
Antwerp is well known for its diamond trade (c’mon, haven’t you ever seen iconic Guy Ritchie film ‘Snatch’?!).
This is the diamond district, and it’s said that approximately 84% of the world’s rough diamonds have passed through here:
Belgian authorities have said that their federal police force is investigating, but its extremely unlikely they’ll recover the ring as it was stolen over 3 months ago – the illegal diamond market moves extremely quickly, obviously.
We’ll keep you updated.
Source: TMZ.
Photo: Marc Piasecki / Getty.