A TikToker Slammed Kim K For Being Rude To Her At Revolve Festival In A Series Of Spicy Vids

What do you use good ol’ TikTok for?

Some people use it to perform those viral dances, some people use it to learn cleaning tips (look up #CleanTok – it’s a legit thing!).

I myself use it to share spicy clips from my celeb interviews along with Real Housewives and astrology content.

Ya see? There are all kinds of viral TikTok trends.

And a current one that I’ve become OBSESSED with is TikTokers calling out celebs behaving badly at music festivals.

A TikToker by the name of @lizoodell has called out Kim Kardashian for allegedly booting her out of a chill area at Revolve Festival so that she could do a photoshoot.

The viral clip shows a tranquil spot at the controversial festival (a far cry from the footage we’ve seen…), featuring a lake, lush green grass and a fire pit.

The caption in the clip reads: “Right before Kim K kicked us out of this shady, chill spot at Revolve.”

The caption accompanying the clip reads, “much love to your photoshoot.”


Much love to your photo shoot 😂 #HPSustainableSounds #kimkardashian #revolve #coachella #revolvefest #fyp

♬ original sound – Lizard

The ensuing comments were kinda mixed: some folks agreed that it was messed up for Kim Kardashian to ask anyone to move, while others opined that since she was promoting the brand Revolve, it’s fair that she gets to choose where she wants her piccies taken.

The TikToker responded to a comment that read: “Well duh, they invited influencers. Nobody knows who you are. They’re gonna make you move!”

In her response, she said: “I’m really glad you brought this up because I was gonna make a video about this as well because Kim is just another famous person.”

“These parties have really transformed into something more, maybe she would get hounded, but back in the day, these kind of areas in the entire venue was open for all, and that’s why we were all sitting there,” she added.

“So, for her to come and kick everyone out of the area where you’re all allowed to be in is, like, not how it used to be, unfortunately.”


Reply to @chrispyy333 my peace on the weekend. #coachella #vip #revolve #revolvefesf #kimk #fyp

♬ original sound – Lizard

Revolve Festival is turning into quite the cursed event.

Not just because of the Fyre Festival-esque chaos that went down at this year’s fest, but because another TikToker has claimed Shay Mitchell once made her cry way back in 2019.

Wild, wild scenes.