Kim Kardashian Is Getting Kalled The Fuck Out For An Apparent Editing Mishap In Her Skims Ad

kim kardashian skims ad

Kim Kardashian is getting absolutely slammed for apparently editing her body in an ad for her brand new Skims shapewear range. The editing mishap was first picked up by an eagle-eyed TikToker who shared the ad in slow motion on her page.

TikTok user @alexkelly2014 (Alex Kelly) shared the ad on her account, in which Kim K’s finger warps and distorts as it moves past her waist.

One can only assume that this is because the waist has been digitally edited to look different to how it naturally is.

You can have a look at the apparent editing mishap in the TikTok below.


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♬ original sound – Alex Kelly

And here’s the ad in all its glory, slowed down just a little so you can really see the alleged editing fuckery.

Either Kim K has gained the ability to transform parts of her body into snakes at will, or someone really needs to rewatch their editing jobs once they’re done.


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♬ original sound – Alex Kelly

Skims however have denied the claims, and say that the mishap was not the product of editing, but of poor upload quality.

“The Skims commercial that aired last week featuring the Fits Everybody collection did initially have an error as a result of the video losing its quality during the uploading process,” a spokesperson for Skims told Page Six.

“Immediately after it was noticed by the team, the video was pulled, and the glitch-free version was uploaded and ran for the remainder of the time on air. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused Kim and our customers.”

In her third video on the matter, however, Kelly decided to use the fact that her videos had gone viral to share an important message with her followers and fans about body image in the media.

“I had no idea my first TikTok would blow up like this, but I think it’s a good opportunity to point out that the Kardashians have been setting the beauty standard for at least ten years now and they can’t even keep up with it themselves,” Kelly says.

“Skims is supposed to be an all-inclusive shapewear line for all body types, and yet in her commercial, someone edits her body.

“It’s really sad for all the girls and young women who look up to them and think this is what’s normal. It’s not. It’s not real. Honestly, I expect better. This is not the standard people.”


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♬ original sound – Alex Kelly

Makes you wonder whether or not it really was an editing fail or just a genuine mistake. Much to think about here.