The revelation that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are *maybe* dating has sent the internet into overdrive with all kinds of theories, not just as to whether or not they’re dating, but WHY they’re dating.

There are conflicting reports about whether their dates have been ~romantic~ or just friendly.

After the pair were spotted holding hands on a rollercoaster together, then on a date in Davidson’s native Staten Island, initial sources insisted that the pair are “just friends” while speaking to People.

Now, another source has told Page Six that Kim “is intrigued” and “she likes him.” Meanwhile another insider told People that they have “fun” together.

“Pete can be super charming and Kim loves the attention,” they added. A separate source who spoke to People claimed that Davidson and Kardashian “have chemistry.”


So are they actually dating? Look, the jury’s still out on that one. But what I’m most intrigued by is the wild-ass rumours that have transpired about why the rando duo might be together.

One rumour was that the pair had met up to film sneaky scenes for the Kardashian fam’s forthcoming Hulu series.

The rumour was kickstarted by a Radar Online source, although the article that housed the theory has since mysteriously been deleted.

Meanwhile production sources denied these claims while speaking to TMZ, insisting that there were “no cameras, not even paparazzi” present at their Staten Island date.

That being said, this could very well be their way of throwing folks off the scent – ya never bloody know with this family!

The next theory was circulated by Kim’s problematic mate Chrissy Teigen, who was asked about the new (maybe) romance and said she reckons Kim has set her sights on a funny bloke because “funny guys do a lot.”

“Look at John [Legend],” she told TMZ. “He’s hysterical!”

And the final theory might just be my favourite.

There’s a mad conspiracy theory that Pete and Kim’s alleged romance is an elaborate revenge plot to scorn Kanye West for that time he left Pete with an exxy bill at Nobu.

Back in 2019, Davidson rocked up to Nobu in Malibu where he thought he was having dins with just Kid Cudi and his manager to celebrate the musician’s bday. Davidson arrived early and gave the staff his credit card, telling them he was happy to treat the table since he thought it was just three peeps.

Before long, a slew of celebs had arrived at the table, including Timothée Chalamet, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West.

Apparently Kanye ordered the most exxy stuff on the menu, plus stuff that wasn’t even on the menu.

“I want that stuff that’s not even on the menu! That crazy stuff!” Kanye said, according to Pete.

Davidson said that the bill “wasn’t as bad as you might think, but it’s not like it’s Applebee’s. It’s Nobu, which is like 77 Applebees’.”

So the hot theory is that he’s now dating Kim to get back at Kanye for sticking him with the ‘yuge bill. A ridiculous theory, I know, but a damn hilarious one!

Watch him recount the yarn to Jimmy Fallon below:

Considering how loose-lipped Pete Davidson is, and the fact that he loves to share his celeb encounters, I’m sure the truth will come out eventually.

And who knows, maybe the answer is that these two crazy kids are just madly in love, which is fine by me!