Pearls Are Being Clutched Over Kim Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Nudes

Kim Kardashian Nude Pic Fragrance Outrage

If there’s one body I know almost as well as my own, it’s gotta be Kim Kardashian‘s. Girl knows her angles, and has body confidence of levels I could only dream of. So she puts it out there. And good for her, I say. If you’ve got it flaunt it and all that. I for one have no problem at all seeing Kim’s bod plastered all over my social media feed.

Take her latest round of snaps, for example, which saw the 37-year-old post nearly naked images to both Instagram and Twitter as she promotes her upcoming fragrance KKW BODY – which will come in a bottle shaped like her, uh, body.


She put these two on Insta:

And these were posted on the Instagram page of her fragrance brand:

The whole lot was then shared to Twitter. Now as I said, I don’t find these offensive in the slightest, but many, many people apparently do.

In news that will shock no one, Kimmy copped plenty of abuse after posting these pics. There was OUTRAGE. Think along the lines of…

Terrible!! [Kim Kardashian] has NO SELF RESPECT at all. You have NO respect for your husband or your children… completely CLASSLESS. I FEEL SORRY FOR your DAUGHTERS Hopefully they will grow up and have more self respect for themselves than their mom has. Trashy. A COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT TO ALL WOMEN!

That’s an actual comment from actual Instagram. My word. Other comments include such delightful sentiments as “so fucking slutty”, “you have kids have respect for you fucking body and ur kids you should be a shame of ur self”, “There’s literally nothing left for your husband to have for just his eyes. You plaster your body everywhere. disgusting.”

Over on Twitter, there was more of the OMG YOURE A MOTHER and YOU NAKED BODY IS FOR YOUR HUSBAND bullshit.

OH MY GOD, people. It’s Kim lying around in the nude, not Kim lying around nude on the corpses of all the puppies she’s tortured. Lighten up!

There’s a few takeaways from this story, namely 1. Just because you’re a mother does not mean you have to hide your body away under a hessian sack for eternity. 2. Your naked body is not your husband’s property, what the fuck even is that idea 3. Kim knows exactly what she’s doing, it’s all publicity you giant idiots and 4: This girl’s timely reminder:

Uh, yep. *books appointment*