Kim Kardashian Has Revealed Her New Homeware Line Including A $198 Bin Made Of Actual Concrete

Kim Kardashian homewares line skkn

Kim Kardashian, scammer hustler that she is, has released a new range of homewares that is, of course, wildly overpriced. Including a bin that costs nearly $200. Thanks, Kim.

The range, which is an offshoot from her skincare brand Skkn, includes five pieces designed in the same soulless grey as her weird, alien-like home. Remember those plain stone surfaces and bizarre archways? I have no idea whose house actually looks like this aesthetic enough for these products to be bought IRL but cool.

“When I started my packaging design process for Skkn it began with natural stones and design elements found within my own home,” Kim wrote on Instagram.

“I always envisioned the skincare collection as one that could be beautiful and simple enough to be on display on any counter, which inspired me to design accessories to compliment the line and elevate any home with the same modern, minimalistic elegance.

“I am so excited to finally bring you this five-piece collection.”

The range, all made of grey concrete, includes a waste basket for AUD $198, a tissue box holder for AUD $137, a small spherical container for your cotton rounds at AUD $106 (?!?!?!), and a small tray and canister both for AUD $100 each.

I really can’t get over the round container. It’s so small! Why does it cost so much money?

But that’s not all, folks.

You can buy all five products in a discounted bundle for just $547.80!

Only Kim Kardashian, Mother of Getting That Bag, would think to design a whole fucking homeware series for people to match their…. makeup tubes to. Like, sure, I totally look at my moisturiser bottle and think: “you know what? I should spend hundreds of dollars on furniture to match this bottle”.

I’ll leave you with a friendly, unrelated fact: you can buy concrete and make these yourself with a mould pretty easily. There’s plenty of TikToks about this on the DIY hashtag. Or you could visit a Target. You’re welcome.