Kim Kardashian Is Gonna Buy Diamonds For The Royal Baby To Become Meghan’s BFF

Kim Kardashian is ready to royally woo Meghan Markle into becoming her new BFFL, via the giving of extravagant bb gifts, so says Radar Online.

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Oh yes, my friends, Kardashian truly believes that one day they can be the best of pals, Kanye West and Prince Harry chillin’ on a palace sofa together, their young ones pottering around, American and British royalty forming the perfect alliance.

And how best to prove herself than by buying something crazy OTT for an unborn baby! Which is something that apparently a whole raft of other celebs will be doing, including those who did not get an invite to the wedding.

Here’s Radar’s source, who reckons this is but the latest iteration in a long-term plan from Kimmy K:

Kim is convinced she and Meghan will be best friends one day. It’s very much a long-term project and she’s chipping away to impress her when the opportunities arise.

She’s been researching everything from diamond baby jewellery to crystal nursery décor and designer onesies.

Fkn diamond bling for babies! Crystal stuff in a nursery where children – who infamously break shit all the time – sleep! Designer onesies! Nothing like a fkn Versace onesie, amirite?

With a luxe af plan like this, what could possibly go wrong?

Source, tell us more about Kardashian one-upping all the other celebs into becoming Markle’s new best mate:

The royal baby’s a perfect time for her to remind Meghan – and Harry – that she and Kanye are sincere, thoughtful people and she’s looking to stand out from all the other celebrities with something truly impressive.

Nothing says ‘thoughtful’ gift like DIAMONDS baby!!! Shine bright, royal babis.

After struggling last night to figure out how to watch the Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch, Kardashian is now skiing somewhere with Kendall Jenner, so reveals their Insty Stories are to be believed. Fun, wholesome winter activities.

What’s Markle doing today? Googling ‘What’s Meghan Markle doing today?’ didn’t give me the answer, so I dunno, royal shit, do you really care?