Kim Kardashian Slams “Obviously Fake” Story That She Bought JFK’s Bloodied Shirt For North

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has slammed an “obviously fake” report that she bought JFK‘s bloodied shirt for her daughter North, after a popular website failed to realise that they’d fallen for a joke.

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Earlier this week, Kim and Kanye revealed that their daughter’s Christmas gifts this year included various personal items once owned by Michael Jackson.

These included his ‘Smooth Criminal‘ hat, and a jacket, for which they dropped a cool $94,779. The gifts were controversial given the many accusations of child sexual abuse against Jackson.

As a joke, someone created a doctored image that made it seem as if Kim Kardashian had also gifted her daughter the shirt in which JFK was shot, another seemingly inappropriate piece of memorabilia.

While it seems pretty wildly implausible that Kim would buy such a thing, one unfortunate writer from entertainment site Refinery29 saw the image and believed it was legit.

In an article published earlier today, on Kim’s “puzzling” Christmas gifts, the writer asked why Kim would purchase something that should be in a museum, and what North would even do with it.

Screengrabs of the article began to circulate, and Refinery29 quickly edited it to remove the reference to the shirt, but that did not stop Kim Kardashian herself from getting a look, and she was pissed.

“WOW this is obviously fake!” she tweeted. “I did not get JFK’s shirt. That is a sick joke that someone tweeted as a fake IG story that I never posted.”