Pour One Out For Kim K, Style Icon, Who Simply Could Not Walk Up Stairs In Her Fancy Dress

Kim Kardashian, queen of the impractical fashion moment (helloooo Marilyn Monroe dress), has been videoed absolutely struggling to make her way up a set of stairs thanks to her tight-as dress. This is why we have the concept of an A-Line cut. It’s time we brought it back for everyone’s sake.

Kim was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress (ugh) after the brand’s Milan Fashion Week show late last week. Kim guest-curated the show, which was creatively called “Ciao, Kim”.

At the show’s after party, Stephanie Shepherd — ex-COO of Kardashian West Brands — shared a TikTok vid of Kim in absolute struggletown trying to walk in a silver dress. It’s giving “trying to prove you can walk up the pub stairs to the overly suspicious security guard”. It’s giving double vodka Red Bull. It’s giving 2008 JayJays skinny jeans.

@steph_shepI’ll let you caption this ⬇️♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Kim, babe: oh no. Oh no, oh no. If you’re having to hop up the stairs in a dress, it is simply not worth it.

Whoever said beauty is pain was lying. Beauty is a pair of comfortable but chic wide leg trousers.

The thing that’s baffling me, though, is that Kim’s dress is laced at the sides. Now hear me out: surely she could simply unlace the bottom quarter of the dress and walk normally?

Unravelled chic!!! There, I said it!!!

Also those silly little heels dangling over the edge of each step have sent me to oblivion and back.

I will say though, the final image of Kim half-lying in the backseat of a car reminds me of every time I’ve been close to throwing up in an Uber.

The comments were, of course, hilarious. One user compared Kim to the “Pixar desk lamp” which is in fact scarily accurate.

“It’s giving Veggie Tales,” wrote someone else.

Even Emily Ratajkowski — returned from hanging out with Brad Pitt — weighed in.

“Icons only,” she said

Of course, the video is very, very reminiscent of Kendall Jenner trying and failing to walk up the stairs at Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Scott‘s wedding.

It’s time for early-2010s Zooey Deschanel twee-core to come back so we can all start wearing ugly but functional knee length skirts again. Clearly if anyone needs it, it’s the Kardashian-Jenners.