Kim Kardashian reportedly had a “disturbing package” sent to her family home, TMZ reports.

Insiders close to Kim Kardashian told the site that the package, which was allegedly sent by a man who’s “shown up there several times in the past”, included an engagement ring and birth control.

It was intercepted by her security guards, who ensured that the package never got to the reality star.

Sources told the site that the alleged sender first showed up to Kim’s home back in February, begging to see the celeb, and then again, just a couple weeks ago, he showed up to her gated community, claiming they had dinner plans and he was there to pick her up.

The guy has also allegedly been stalking and harassing her on social media as well, posting a doctored marriage certificate and another item that read, “Queen Kimberly” is “sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armour.”

His social media pages have since been deactivated and Kim Kardashian is actively pursuing a restraining order against the man.

Kim Kardashian and the rest of the famous fam have been targeted by stalkers many times throughout their years in the spotlight (which feels like forever now, doesn’t it?).

Back in March, a 27-year-old man managed to make his way onto Kim’s younger sister Kendall Jenner‘s property.

TMZ reports that in the early hours of Sunday morning, the intruder somehow made it onto her property, despite it being within a gated community in LA, and despite the fact that she has security. He then proceeded to knock on Kendall’s windows while yelling out her name in an attempt to get her attention.

Kendall Jenner was not home at the time, but her security got wind of the breach and tracked the bloke down. They discovered him swimming naked in the model’s pool.

Her security detained the man until the cops arrived and he was arrested for misdemeanour trespassing.

Following the scary incident, she, understandably, beefed up her security and is reportedly considering moving homes.