Here We Bloody Go Again: Kim K Deleted Then Reuploaded An IG Pic After Fans Cried ‘Photoshop’

Instagram? More like Instasham! Kim Kardashian has once again been called out for editing her photos to the shithouse and trust me, I’m as sick of writing this story as you are of reading it.

The reality star shared a gallery of beachside images where she frolicked on the sand wearing a top and bikini bottoms.

The post was immediately pummelled with comments that included “who Photoshopped her leg like that?” and “babe is your leg okay?”

After being called out, Kim deleted the gallery and reposted it with one photo missing. This one:

This has happened way too many times lately, if ya ask me.

Last week, Kim seemingly made her mama Kris Jenner delete and repost a gallery after fans pointed out that one of the pics wasn’t as edited as Kim’s pics usually are.

Here’s the snap that was subsequently yeeted off the internet faster than you can say “The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder”:

Before it was deleted, there was a Reddit thread discussing the pic and one fan wrote: “I’m surprised KJ got away with posting this (seemingly) unfiltered pic. They both still look great tho!”

“Sheesh you can really tell a difference. They still look great though!” another fan added.

Meanwhile a third fan wrote: “I think it’s def still filtered, just not AS filtered as we usually see. I think Kim doesn’t really like her kids to be filtered but I def could be wrong.”

Shortly after, folks in the Reddit thread noticed that the pic had been scrapped.

“Omg she took this down! It’s not posted anymore!” the fan wrote.

And don’t get me started on all the photoshop scandals Khloé Kardashian has been embroiled in!

The thing that gets me the most about all of this is the fact that it’s sending such a dangerous and negative message to their billions upon billions of fans.

What’s this telling people? That our faces and bodies aren’t okay as they are, so we should edit the crap out of our photos?

Fuck that. Fuck this. Fuck them.

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