Kim Kardashian And Snooki Team Up In New Reality Show

What do you get when you combine the candid chaos of Punk’d, the vulnerable voyeurism of Undercover Boss and the excellent bitchiness of the opinionated public? A brand new comedy reality series that will air in the coming months on US cable network CW called H8R (translation for parents: Hater).

The premise of the show involves various notorious love-to-hate celebrities confronting unsuspecting members of the public who are quite literally in the middle of a bitch session about the aforementioned celebrity. The point of this semi-perverse encounter is to try and change the hater’s opinion of the celeb. Call us cynical, but we are dubious of how an awkward confrontation can achieve this. And what celebrity is so desperate to be loved by random people on the streets (who, you would have to assume, is near lowest common denominator if they’re sitting around chatting about D-Listers) that they would even want to get involved?

Enter personality-absent ass advocate Kim Kardashian and tangerine coloured Jersey Shore cast member Snooki. Who better to kick-off the program then two of the most disliked humans in popular culture!

Hosted by Mario Lopez AKA A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell (as if it couldn’t get any better) and with an endless supply of bad celebrities at their disposal, the producers behind H8R are like the Rembrandt’s of reality television.

Words by Jess Glass