Kim K Just Gave A Juicy-Ass Interview On Her 72-Day Marriage, T-Swift + More

Kim Kardashian West is the queen of spilling tea and I will come for anyone who says otherwise.

It’s not her first rodeo, but the social media icon appeared on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen‘, a quite incredible show where major celebrities are plonked on stage and then asked the sort of questions usually never make it past the celebrity’s management team – which they are then forced to answer. Prestige television, eat your heart out.

Well, Kimmy is not one to hold back, and spilled on any number of touchy subjects, including Kendall‘s infamous Pepsi commercial, her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, Kylie and Tyga‘s split, and one Taylor Swift

Andy Cohen: What is your least favourite ‘Kardashian’ spin-off?

Kim Kardashian West: Um okay… I will not talk about anyone else, I’ll talk about myself: ‘New York‘. When Kourtney and I did New York, because I was in that awful cry face, that last marriage I had, that whole situation was just really hard for me.

AC: When you went into that marriage [with Humphries]? Did you think that it was forever?

KKW: At the time i didn’t even – I just thought, holy shit I’m 30 years old, I better get this together, I better get married. I think lot of girls do go through that where they freak out and think they’re getting old and they have to figure it out, so it was more of that situation. But I knew, honeymoon, it wasn’t going to work out.

AC: What are the chances of your mom Kris and Caitlyn ever speaking again?

KKW: One. No I would say two. Two percent, and those are Kendall and Kylie. So that’s their percentage. All fair, I think.

AC: What did you think of Kendall’s whole Pepsi commercial?

KKW: She totally understood at the end of the day, and she felt really awful for it, and she just wants to move on from it.

AC: When you saw the ad did you think, ‘uh oh’?

KKW: I didn’t see until it had already gotten the attention, so you obviously have a different perspective, everyone is saying something. I think I was travelling and I landed and I just saw all this stuff come up and so – you know, I think anytime anyone does anything they don’t have bad intentions of doing it, especially [as] Kendall’s so sensitive, she would never mean anyone to perceive anything in a negative way.

AC: On a scale of 1–10, how relieved were you when Kylie and Tyga finally called it quits?

KKW: I feel like a lot of drama – and it doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person, at all – I just feel like sometimes people… and what was great is that it was so easy, that split. There has not been any drama, like with her, so…

AC: The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan used a stylist named Monica Rose, and you all recently unfollowed her on social media. What happened?

KKW: I haven’t worked with her in maybe four years, so my reason is not connected to this. But I will say that I read that it was said that she was the reason for my makeover, the makeover when I met Kanye, and I will say that Kanye got me a new team and we documented it, so I think people think that’s the reason, and for me maybe that is the reason, I needed a new vibe.

Why everyone else [ended things with Rose], you’re going to have to ask them.

AL: [On the subject of rumours about Kim in general] Is anything that bothers you? Does anything get under your skin?

KKW: Oh yeah, no it does. I get kind of sensitive, especially taking time off, then you’ll jump back into it, and then people will be rude, and I’ll be like ‘I just had the best – well not the best, but – such a freeing time, taking time off. Don’t make me do it again. It’s just so hard on your soul. I don’t think people really get it. I am so afraid for my kids to grow up in the world of social media. And I didn’t have to grow up like that, and I love it.

AL: That’s so ironic…

KKW: I think it could be great if you have a positive surrounding, and I guess life isn’t that way. So you have to experience the good and the bad. I love sharing my life, so I share it, obviously I live on a reality show, but I think sometimes you’re just like, is it worth it? That’s my struggle. Just now, after what I’ve been through [the Paris robbery], is it worth it? I share what I want.

AL: [On Kim sharing the Taylor Swift / Kanye West phone call on Snapchat] Was it awkward between you and Kylie, or you and Kendall, because Kendall was part of Taylor Swift’s squad at the time?

KKW: I don’t know if Kendall was a part of her squad, I don’t think she was. I don’t think it was awkward.

AL: Have you heard from her since then? Any contact since then?

KKW: *silently shakes her head*

Watch bits and bobs of the interview below.

Photo: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.