Now that the MAFS 2021 brides and grooms are free to roam and do whatever the fuck they want, it looks like Bryce Ruthven is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by scoring another radio gig. Although it seems like the feeling isn’t mutual as a newsreader for KIIS 101.1 Melbourne has claimed that her boss rejected an application from Bryce for a job.

Sacha Barbour, who delivers the news for the Jase & PJ breakfast show, recently appeared on a podcast where she insinuated that she’s got dirt on Bryce, hence why she’s stoked that he will never be one of her colleagues.

Daily Mail Australia reports that KIIS 101.1 content director ‘Chatty Tony’ Aldridge said that Bryce Ruthven had asked him about job opps at the radio station.

Apparently the content director was not interested in working with Bryce due to his shitty reputation, but also the fact that there simply aren’t any jobs available at the mo.

On the podcast, which is not named in Daily Mail’s article, Sacha said: “I know things about him but I’m obviously not going to say them because that’s very unprofessional.

“But yes, I’m glad that maybe there isn’t a position [at KIIS 101.1] for him at the moment.”


Daily Mail Australia hit up Bryce Ruthven to find out what really happened and he said that while he did, in fact, speak to KIIS’ content director, he was not fishing for a job.

“Tony was kind enough to free up some time and offer some advice on how I can move forward in radio from my portrayal on MAFS,” he told the site.

Bryce Ruthven then addressed the radio host’s claim about having dirt on him and he said that although they once worked in the same building, they did not know each other.

“I worked in the same building as Sacha in Sydney for about nine months and never once did she ever have a conversation with me,” he said.

“I find it interesting she ‘knows things’ about me when she didn’t [make] any attempt to get to know a fellow work colleague. I didn’t know who she was until the end of my stint there.”

He added, “It’s disappointing that media personalities attempt to bring down others in their industry instead of supporting each other – particularly when they don’t know the first thing about the person they’re making comments about.

“I worked closely with Jonesy and Amanda, not Sacha, and I believe they’ve described the opposite to what Sacha’s comments portray.”

Interestingly, a bunch of his ex colleagues recently spilled some piping hot tea about him so head here to have a read.

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