KIIS FM Bleeped Out Pauline Hanson’s Entire Anti-Vax BS Rant On Air & Kyle Had A Cry About it

Pauline Hanson

Ass-hat Pauline Hanson was censored by KIIS FM producers on the Kyle & Jackie O show for her anti-vaccination views and of course, Kyle Sandilands called the censoring “bullshit”.

Speaking on the popular radio show yesterday, Hanson started sharing her views on vaccinations before she was cut off by a long “bleep” sound.

Most radio stations have what’s known as a dump button, which essentially removes the last 30 seconds of audio on the rare occasion someone says something that goes against the station’s code of conduct.

The dump button works during these incidents, because there’s a slight delay between what’s happening in studio and what we hear on the radio.

According to, the Kyle & Jackie O show has a permanent censor that blocks comments that can’t be verified in a live environment or could get the Australian Radio Network (ARN) in trouble.

Kyle and Jackie O wouldn’t have known this had occurred, and it was only brought to their attention when a caller dialled in to ask why Hanson was censored.

“Can somebody tell me what’s being beeped out and why it’s being beeped out,” Sandilands asked the KIIS FM producers.

“Our censor is saying some of what Pauline is saying is not government approved,” a producer responded.

Sandilands then called the censoring “bullshit”.

“We’re not a government show,” he said.

“This is not the ABC.”

The producer then clapped back at Sandilands and said the station needs to be mindful of what they tell their audience due to the public health advice they’ve been given. Which is fair enough, because they are actually public health experts. Unlike Pauline Hanson, who is just an expert in talking shit.

Kyle Sandilands then apologised to Pauline Hanson and she claimed this wasn’t the first time she had been censored, which should come as no surprise to anyone.

“You can’t have a difference of opinion in this country anymore because they shut you down. So therefore you’re letting the authorities control what you say and think,” Hanson said.

If that was true Pauline, why have you consistently been given a platform over the years? You were allowed to call the people stuck in Melbourne’s locked down community towers “alcoholics”  and call the COVID-19 death toll “fake” without being censored. So if anything, you should’ve been censored then.