Look, we really love Jimmy Fallon here at PEDESTRIAN.TV. We really, truly do. But we’re also pretty aware that too much of a good thing ain’t necessarily healthy. We’re not exactly in the business of just morphing into a glorified Tonight Show RSS feed. So we tend to be reluctant to post everything he does.

I mean, well, we would be, if he would just stop doing REALLY COOL SHIT for five seconds.
The Tonight Show‘s week in Los Angeles is winding to a close and has already featured incredible performances, like the incredible Saved By The Bell throwback sketch, or the pitch-perfect recreation of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening title sequence.
Tonight’s instalment in “Jimmy Fallon wins the internet“? Getting the Fresh Prince himself to spit out some hot fire.
Will Smith stopped by the show and because he can pretty much do whatever he wants, he teamed up with Fallon to beatbox their way through Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock‘s 1988 smash hit “It Takes Two” with a little assist from a goddamned cool iPad app.
You’d think, at some point, being a wildly entertaining dude in charge who creates incredibly awesome and hilarious content would get tiring at some stage. And yet, here we are.