The Model Who Claims She Slept With Tristan Just Leaked ‘Confidential’ DMs Between Her & Khloé

So ya know how last week it was revealed that Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloé Kardashian AGAIN? Well the gal making the claims, a model by the name of Sydney Chase, has shared screenshots allegedly sent by the KUWTK star where she asks to meet-up with her for some kind of unholy discussion. Yikes.

In the DMs, shared to Sydney Chase’s Instagram Story and later posted to The Shade Room, Khloé requests to get together with Sydney and asks that their convo remain anonymous (oh poor, sweet, naive Khloe).

“Hey Sydney, this is Khloé…” the DMs read. The rest of them are blurred out, but if anyone has x-ray vision, pls lemme know what the bloody hell it says.

In a follow-up message, Khloé Kardashian allegedly wrote, “I would appreciate if our conversation can remain confidential [prayer hands emoji].”

Not sure if the meet-up ever went ahead or if Sydney even replied to Khloé Kardashian. Did she just drop the screenshots on her Instagram Story and let them speak for themselves? Christ knows.

ICYMI: Sydney Chase recently appeared on a podcast where she claimed that she and Tristan Thompson had hooked up.

“It was a peek-a-boo dick, but, baby, it was good,” Sydney Chase claimed in late April on the No Jumper podcast, which has, sadly, since been removed from YouTube.

Chase later took to TikTok to add to her claims, saying, “Yes the Tristan rumours are true. The last time we had contact, The couple’s daughter, True Thompson, turned 3 on April 12.besides when he messaged me after finding out about the interview, it was the day after his daughter’s birthday party.”

This is just one of many cheating scandals that Tristan Thompson has been embroiled in (at least publicly, there very well could be more that we do not know about). Who could forget the whole Jordyn Woods saga where he allegedly had an affair with Kylie’s Jenner’s bestie?

That was just one of several other cheating incidents and each time Khloé Kardashian ultimately took the dude back. Will this be the final straw? I wonder what Khloé would even say to Sydney if they had met up? Ughhhhh so many questions.

I will say this… I find the airing of Khloé’s messages on Instagram to be very, very tacky. Especially after she kindly asked that they remain confidential. Sure, drag the dude for filth over his actions. But to humiliate Khloé Kardashian, who is an innocent victim in all of this, raising a bb with a man who can’t keep his dick in his fucking pants, seems cruel and unnecessary to me.

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