Just when you thought the Met Gala 2021 was done and dusted, a Khloé Kardashian stan has dug up some tea because the drama truly never dies.

ICYMI: In the wake of fashion’s night of nights, there was a spicy rumour going around that claimed Khloé Kardashian had been barred from attending the event because she’s “too C-list,” according to The Sun.

Meanwhile almost every single one of her family members were in attendance, including Kim KardashianKendall JennerKris Jenner, and even Kris’ BF, Corey Gamble.

Her youngest sis Kylie Jenner was invited, but she did not attend (presumably because she’s preggo). And no idea what the sitch is with Kourtney Kardashian, but she was present at the VMAs the night before, so maybe she had a bad hangover?

A Khloé stan reached out to the reality star on Twitter to see if she’d confirm or deny the rumour and wouldn’t ya bloody know it? She responded.

“Khloé now that you are online please tell of the met gala rumors are true because I’ll burn that dinosaurs bones. Please clarify thank u,” the fan wrote, to which Khloé responded: “Absolutely NOT true.”

Uh, that’s it? No receipts? No evidence? Nothing to support your argument?

Hm, I dunno about that. It seems strange to me that almost every single Kar-Jenner fam member attends the event every year, but Khloé is always a no-show.

Anna Wintour stans, if you exist, you’re up now! Pls pry an answer out of the Vogue evil overlord to see what the truth is.

This rumour has been floating around for a while now. Back in 2019, a similar yarn began circulating, in which an insider spilled to Radar Online that Khloé was literally the only family member not invited as she’s not Met Gala-worthy.

Kim lives for the event and she would never want her Kardashian sisters there because that would take the attention away from her,” someone close to the family’s show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, told Radar at the time.

“Everyone in the family knows that it is Kim’s night. She literally talks about it all year long.”

Welp, we can’t argue with that! In fact, as the Met Gala 2021 was going down, Khloé even shared a pic of her sis to her ‘gram to celebrate the mysterious lewk.

It’s nice to see that Khloé’s isn’t a sore loser, at least.

Come on, Anna. Throw her a bloody bone next year!