Fans Are Convinced This Snapchat Confirms Khloe Kardashian’s Pregnancy

Honestly can the bloody Kardashians just CONFIRM OR DENY Khloe and Kylie’s rumoured pregnancies. How long must we wait. Will they just suddenly grace the cover of People with their fresh bebs gushing about motherhood or some shit?

Honestly it’s getting beyond a joke at this point.

The latest hype is based around Khloe Kardashian‘s Snapchat from yesterday. In a promo for a new sunnies brand, eagle-eyed fans have spotted what seems to be one of those super comfy pregnancy pillows in the reflection of Khloe’s sunglasses.


Check that left sunnies lens. See the weird, u-shaped thing? That’s what people reckon is one of these babies.

Source: Boyfriend Pillow.

Look, honestly? Having done a bit of an internet sleuth for these preg pillows, I kind of want one for my very-not-pregnant self. How fucking comfy does that thing look!? Maybe Khloe just LIKES THE COMFORT, ok?

Source: Toys R Us.

Fans are hoping the next ep of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is gonna confirm at least one of the pregnancy rumours – the preview shows Kris Jenner crying and people asking her “did you not know?”, and Khloe hugging a bunch of people.

Come on guys, our patience is wearing thin.