Jesus H. Christ, hasn’t Khloé Kardashian gone through a TIME lately? First she finds out her partner Tristan Thompson is an (alleged) cheating lowlife, then she has to go through childbirth which, while ultimately rewarding (I mean just LOOK at lil’ bebe True), sounds bloody painful. So, all in all it’s been a very dramatic few months for Khloé. But trolls are gonna troll, and that’s exactly what happened to the reality star on Twitter today.

Renowned gym rat Koko took to social media to get some good ol’ fashioned music inspo, throwing it out to her followers for help.

See? Innocent enough. And some users obliged, but others took the opportunity to roast / send advice to Khloé for seemingly forgiving her partner, who was caught cosying up to other women just weeks before True was born.

The message is in the song titles. I MEAN:


This one killed me:

While this person didn’t pull any punches.

Tell us how you really feel, Jessica hun.

But it wasn’t all unsolicited relationship tips in her timeline. An alarmingly large proportion of her followers were also pitching South Korean boy band EXO, who apparently boast a multitude of songs suited to Khloé’s musical needs.

At least in these uncertain times, she can count on EXO to get her through.

Image: Instagram / @khloekardashian